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Canine wars! a battle between Wolves and Dogs. choose your side!
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 Hunting in the woods

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PostSubject: Hunting in the woods   Hunting in the woods Icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 10:11 am

(Joey - dog - Siberian Husky)

Joey was in a hunting mood. He hadn't been hunting for a couple of days. He thought about where he should go, "There's never any big game at Chetwood. But, there's that other forest. I believe it's called Arden. Maybe i should go check that out" He thought to himself. Joey had never been to Arden Forest, not even near it. He wasn't sure about how deep it was, or whet ever there would be any unfriendly creatures such as wolves or bears in there. When he arrived to the forest he immediately saw a young adult deer, and silently followed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting in the woods   Hunting in the woods Icon_minitimeTue Nov 02, 2010 1:41 pm

Twister--Timber Wolf

Twister watched silently as the dog stalked the deer. Hmm. I wonder if that dog really thinks he'll be able to get the deer. Twister wondered. He sniffed the air and commited the dog's scent to memory. The wind was on his side, he was downwind from Joey. Suddenly, as with all of Nature's unpredictabilities, the wind shifted, and Twist was at the mercy of, if he could smell him, the dog.
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Hunting in the woods
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